VIDEO 08/09/20

Luke Abbott – Kagen Sound

‘Kagen Sound’ is the first track to be unveiled from Luke Abbott‘s forthcoming third solo artist album Translate. ‘Translate’ will be released on 30th October on CD, vinyl, digital download and streaming, via Border Community. Pre-order now via our Bandcamp.

Video by Luke Abbott:
“One of the things that connects the tracks on my new album is a feeling of nighttime. There’s a magical feeling about the darkness that can help you understand things that don’t make sense in the day time. In this video for Kagen Sound I wanted to try and capture that feeling. The video was shot at the beginning of the year, before the world went on pause, and I think we inadvertently created a document of a London that might never exist in the same way again. We were driving across the city at night and it started to rain, I was hanging out the window of the car shooting the rain as it hit the camera. I got all these amazing psychedelic images as the lights played with the rain on the lense. We ended up bouncing the footage down to VHS tape to get that smooshy video-nastie lofi feeling.”