MUSIC 10/09/07

Ricardo Tobar ‘El Sunset’

Any new artist’s debut release is a special thing indeed, so here at the Border Community we are truly honoured to be bringing you the first ever record from Chile’s Ricardo Tobar: a neat three track snapshot of his considerable melodic talents.

The aptly titled ‘El Sunset’ is ideal for those late summer open-air outings: a haunting spine-tingler perfectly executed using a delicate hand, bearing witness to Mr Tobar’s exemplary taste and a real production finesse. Flipside ‘Made’ is soaring, driving and euphoric, a slice of electronic-rock bombast that lovers of novelty genre names might well dub nu-gaze (or perhaps even nu-shoe?!). Finally, ‘Tickets’ plays us out with yet more cascades of heart-wrenching melodies, just pleading with you to flip back over and start listening all over again.

Final vinyl copies ever of ‘El Sunset’. download tracks from the MP3 Store, Amazon, Bleep and stream on Spotify.