MUSIC 19/07/10

Avus – Poppy EP

It is with great excitement that we finally unleash the digital files of this four-track gem upon the world: Avus‘ eagerly-anticipated Poppy EP is the heartwarming story of one man’s love affair with his new Moog synthesizer, delivered in four lush syrupy analogue movements.

Title track ‘Poppy’ has got classic written all over it, where a Detroit-patented string moment is perched artfully like the succulent cherry atop a truly golden progression of symphonic arpeggiations. As further enticement, ‘Little Adventures’ indulges a long-running feedback obsession with every perfectly-judged synapse-enveloping wash of soul-filled machine-generated goodness; ‘Wide Mouth Frog’ burbles along with a jaunty spring in its step befitting its amphibian namesake; and the bagpipe-esque tones of ‘Reality Itself’ weave a joyful jig in, out, over and above a pitched drum pattern so effortlessly unadorned it could either be an Eighties keyboard preset, or straight out of the school percussion cupboard.

The ‘Poppy EP’ is available now from all good digital stores (including our own), whilst the vinyl run of Avus’ ‘Poppy EP’ hits the shops on 9th August, and is strictly limited to just 500 copies. The abstract cover forms the first part in a collectable series of artworks by young British designer Jack Featherstone: collect all four releases in the ‘Another Land’ series to reveal a bigger picture. Parts two, three and four will grace the covers of a select band of forthcoming Border Community releases over the months to come.