MUSIC 21/11/11

Kate Wax – Dust Collision

Swiss-born self-producing avant-garde singer-songwriter Aisha Devi Enz dusts off her Kate Wax persona and teams up with Border Community to unveil her long-awaited second album: a bold new collection of dark, unconventional vocally-exhilarating electronic post-pop going by the name of ‘Dust Collision’ – a reference to the experiments currently going on in Switzerland’s Large Hadron Collider, where her grandfather once worked.

Holed up in the sanctity of her tiny Geneva studio-cave during her baby-making sabbatical, Kate Wax set about transforming her dark internal turmoil into a coherent new musical universe, whose secrets are now opened up to the outside world with the unleashing of her own musical ‘Dust Collision’, expanding to reveal her own magically realistic cosmology of witches, demons, dreams and ghosts. The raw feminine power and expressive versatility of her soprano-trained voice is pushed in every possible direction across the emotional spectrum, at times modulated as if it were a favourite synth in Kate Wax’s ultimate act of communion with the machine, and firmly underpinned by her delicately-balanced, finely-honed and perfectly-pitched minimal synth auto-production aesthetic.

The digital files were set free this week, and await your immediate consideration over at stores like Juno, Boomkat and our own online store. The tangible physical copies are set to follow next Monday 28th November, so pre-order your hard vinyl (including digital download codes) and CD copies today. And witness the collision of particles in the flesh at one of Kate Wax’s stylish live performances across Europe, to be announced over the coming weeks.