MUSIC 01/01/07

Avus ‘Furry Hat’

The one-time tech-house master of laidback politeness and restraint lets rip with a rather more brash musical statement than we have previously come to expect from him: we salute him for bringing back a taste of the raw.

A full three years and an array of releases for other labels later, Avus finally returns to the Border Community with a deliciously raw doubleheader. ‘Furry Hat’ is as warm and fuzzy as the title suggests, as delicate melodies constructed from supremely satisfying washes of feedback gently drift over a suitably driving Avus groove: a melancholic slice of summer which oozes that subtle sophistication which has become a Border Community trademark. Feedback junkies should head straight to the ‘Feedbackapella’ for a pure, unadulterated hit of that spine-tingling warmth. The fierce, take-no-prisoners techno of ‘Spnkr’ meanwhile is a much more full-on affair, whilst the ‘Acid Paddle Tool’ provides the perfect forum to let Avus indulge his rather unhealthy acid obsession, turning in a solid club tool for all those not quite ready to give themselves over to the full seven minutes of techno abandon.

Buy final vinyl copies ever of ‘Furry Hat’ and all digital formats from the MP3 Store, Amazon, Bleep or stream on Spotify.