MUSIC 01/07/08

Fairmont ‘I Need Medicine (remixes)’

‘I Need Medicine’ is one of several idiosyncratic takes on the techno-pop song on Fairmont’s ‘Coloured In Memory’ album, which steps forth as a single here thanks to a pair of nifty remixes from melodic minimalist Pan/Tone and Chilean electronic-rocker Ricardo Tobar.

‘I Need Medicine’ is a dark and brooding mantra with decidedly epic tendencies, and one of several ‘Coloured In Memory’ album tracks which saw techno get personal as Fairmont mainman Jake Fairley took to the microphone. Old-friend-of-Fairmont from back in Toronto Pan/Tone (aka Sid Le Rock and Gringo Grinder) delivers up a stunning vocal-free-yet-instantly-recognisable new wave emo-techno groove as his remix offering, whilst Fairmont-fave Ricardo Tobar’s surprising take on the club brief is an exuberant and punchy guitar stomp that whisks the melancholy melody of the original off to an altogether more joyous place. Last but not least, the wistful early morning melancholy that Jake does so well on bonus B-side ‘Centre Of Gravity’ is just perfect for those wired after-hour sessions with your very best of friends.

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