MUSIC 25/10/07

Fairmont ‘Coloured In Memory’

The artist steps out from behind the shadow of the massive club hit with new Fairmont album ‘Coloured In Memory’: a stunning, intimate showcase of the true depth and variety of his talent, where idiosyncratic leftfield techno hits nestle amongst a warm and cosy home-listening bundle.

The 2007 update of the Fairmont sound unites trademark Jake Fairley analogue machine-funk with woozy, warm interludes, intimate vocals and drugged-out highs, fused with a touch of the experimental to create the perfect post-club listening experience. Although immediate enough to appease fans of melodic, minimal techno, it is the less-classifiable, more deviant moments where the album really shines: the demented surf-rock-electro of ‘Bikini Atoll’; the wobbly Velvets heroin-drone-trance of ‘I Need Medicine’; the spacey apocalyptic low end of the John Carpenter-esque ‘Sedatives For The Sentimental’; or the elasticated synths and iconic dongs of discordance of the unclassifiable ‘Flight Of The Albatross’. ‘Coloured In Memory’ takes us up close and personal, offering a window into the Fairmont heart and soul.

Buy the CD of ‘Coloured In Memory’. All tracks available to download from the MP3 Store, Amazon, Bleep and stream on Spotify.