MUSIC 20/08/07

Nathan Fake ‘You Are Here’

One of the ‘Drowning In A Sea Of Love’ album’s standout tracks, ‘You Are Here’ is for us a lighters-in-the-air sing-along favourite: the perfect recipient for the Four Tet remix treatment. Backed with two floor-destroying Fake live reworks.

Having already engaged a gang of Nathan’s musical heroes to remix his album tracks for the ‘Drowning In A Sea Of Remixes’ 12, only one name remained on his wishlist: Domino’s multi-talented Four Tet. The lush harmonics of his remix have a power over the dancefloor which may come as a surprise to some, but as recent form has proved, Kieran knows how to work a club as well as the best of them (if not better!). The anthemic electronica of the album version of ‘You Are Here’ then gets a more driving rework from live legend Mr Fake himself, retaining the dreamy wooziness of the original, whilst the heavy breathing and plinky plonky percussion of the live version of album opener ‘Stops’ takes on a much more manic energy, with all the intensity you would expect from the live club context. Nathan’s on-the-fly tweaks are so perfectly engineered to push all of the crowd’s buttons at once that it almost feels like cheating to play this as a DJ.

Final ever vinyl copies of ‘You Are Here’ available from the Market. All digital formats available from the MP3 Store, Amazon, Bleep and stream on Spotify.