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07 May


Vincent Oliver : Nob / Disc Jockey

I really ought to have mentioned this on here sooner since it came out way back at the end of March, but as he is DJing at our next night at The End, lets make that the peg off which we hang this quick plug for Vincent Oliver‘s latest EP 3 for Lo offshoot LOAF.

Where the first Vincent Oliver EP and EP 2 were eminently home-listenable Arab Strap-esque insights into the psyche of the Lo-thario himself, EP 3 takes a different tack, offering up Vincent’s originals for reworks by “great lads” Hrdvision, ISAN, Andrea’s Kit, Rothko and a chap called Nathan Fake. Predictably, main-fan James (Holden) thinks Nathan’s remix is “ace”: “lovely and deep when you listen at home but curiously quite pumping enough for a club too”. That’s our boy…

As some of you may have already gathered, Mr Vincent Oliver is an old college chum of our own Nathan Fake, and kindly provided him with a rather nifty set of live tour visuals, guest-guitar and a remix for album track Long Sunny and the video for his You Are Here single. I imagine slightly less of you had worked out that he is also occasional office boy here at the Border Community, as part of a time-share arrangement with his other employers Lo Recordings. And it is for Lo that Vincent will be gracing the decks on May 24th (alongside Milky Globe and live sets from Black Devil Disco Club and Appaloosa), when Lo will be hosting room two at our next Border Community night at The End (tickets on sale here). Confused? You bet he is…

All three essential Vincent Oliver EPs are available to buy from the Lo Recordings Shop on mp3 or CD, but the real deal physical product is particularly desirable in this instance thanks to the special series of naked-Vincent-renderings created by artist Vania Zouravliov. Fans and groupies alike should be sure to add the nob-shot of EP 2 to their collection:

Although I do wonder what bunny lover Nathan Fake made of the dead-rabbit-on-a-stick on the cover of EP 3. James was most unimpressed with Rhys-MFA when he ordered rabbit in front of Nathan at a pre-club dinner in Berlin, but I must admit that I don’t think Nathan was anywhere near as bothered as James seemed to think he would be…

Posted on 07 May 2008.

07 May